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Artwork Upload


For logos:
Please send us a vector file (line art) of your logo.The file types need are .ai, .eps and some .pdf's work as well.
.jpgs, .png and .bmp are not acceptable file to work with and will not give you the best quality design. They are created with s series of dots. Where a vector file is a straight line and can be resized without any loss of quality.
If you need us to redraw or vectorize your logo. We can do it for an additional fee of $35

For Images:
We accept .jpegs, .tif, .png and .bmp file formats. At 1/1 scale or 100% sizing, your resolution can be set to 75 dpi (AT SIZE). For example, if your final print needs to be 125" by 100", you would set your file to 125"x100" with a 75 dpi resolution setting. Viewing these files at actual size on your screen can be helpful in previewing print quality, but be sure to calibrate your monitor's "print size" settings in Photoshop or Illustrator first or else the preview will be inaccurate. When done properly, an inch on screen will match an inch on a ruler held up to the screen.
Lets say your print is going to be over 150", you should set your file up at 10% scale. In this instance, if your final print needs to be 300" by 100", you would set the dimensions of your file to 30"x10". For your resolution, you'll increase the standard dpi of 75 by 100% and set the file up with a 750 dpi resolution. An easy rule of thumb is to move the decimal one spot to the left in your file dimensions, and one spot to the right in your dpi.
If you have any questions feel free to call 616-738-9459