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Double Sided Mesh Banners

Double Sided Mesh / Perforated Banners

Mesh Banners is a versatile 9-ounce polyester scrim banner material designed for optimal airflow. This makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including buildings, stadiums, and fence wraps. Its lightweight nature and adaptability make it a perfect solution for businesses, schools, and many other uses! Wind: Windy weather can make it difficult to read a banner's message if it's blowing around in the breeze. As temperatures cool and wind picks up during the fall season, mesh banners allow air to pass through them for far less wind resistance, ensuring visibility and longevity of investment. Brightness/Visibility: Our mesh banners can be white or black-backed, allowing your choice of visibility. The holes are so small that they're only visible from about half a meter away. Since banners are designed to be visible from a distance, it's unlikely that your customers will ever notice. Lightweight: The holes in the mesh provide a handy weight advantage, which results in safe installation on wire fences and other surfaces with less hassle and easy storage. Custom sizes are availabled Feel free to call 616-738-9459